"I was in desperate need of

focusing my energy and

prioritizing my goals as I am

starting my own business.

Susi was amazing at helping

me do this. She is extremely

intuitive and helped me get

organized, break though my

self limitations, fears as well as

giving me the tools to channel

my energy and build

confidence to achieve my goals.

Plus she always has an

inspiring story that relates to

your journey. Thank you Susi!"

- D.
 Albuquerque, NM





Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach


Awarded 2019 "Best of Albuquerque for Life Coaching"
Albuquerque, NM
Tel: 505.881.1220



Services Overview

Life Coaching
CompassTo me, being a life coach is an opportunity as a witness to your life and to be your greatest advocate. After all, ultimately, YOU are the one who does the work - I am just the guide who walks with you while I am needed. Using Socratic questioning, together we find the areas in your life where you want improvement and we come up with a realistic plan of action. We will look at what you want to accomplish short-term and long-term. We will partition your life into areas of focus so they can be addressed individually. I will customize a vision statement for you to use daily as we shift the energy in your life. Success is our goal - and happiness is the victor! For detailed information about Life Coaching, visit the Home Page -just click here.

Storytelling LogoStorytelling is intriguing, fun and provides amazing results with paradigm shifts. This is a highly effective tool that almost everyone responds to favorably. Our brains are literally designed to understand concepts more easily through Story. And by using this technique, you are able to look at your life's choices, behaviors and attitudes with a sense of safety and openness. I may tell an ancient healing fable from worldwide cultures. I may drum and use a sacred Native American story. I may disclose an original or personal tale. Because I am guided, the Story I tell is the one that will best help me to help you.

Intuitive Energy Medicine
Energy photoI prefer to use "intuitive" rather than other popular new age terms. After all, every one of us has the gift of intuition. What that really means is being able to read someone's energy and to compile a plan of healing that will be to their highest good. At times I may place my hands on you (always with your permission) or you may put your own hands on areas of the body where there is disruption. I use aspects of Applied Kinesiology, Reiki or other healing methods. Energy medicine is just a flow of healing from the Source through me to you. The healing is not me doing it - I am the conduit. As always, my intention is for you to receive whatever is to your highest good. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, we will be compatible in our approach because the Universal Source (whom I choose to call "Creator")  is known by all sacred names and responds to all good intentions. 

Energy photoHypnotherapy is really a very old technique used by ancient cultures. It is a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind to activate positive changes in someone's life. Actually, we normally all go in and out of hypnosis by ourselves daily (day dreaming, driving the car and arriving without remembering how we got there, etc.). You will always be in control under hypnosis and cannot be made to do anything unless you want to. Often asked, "Will I quack like a duck" is answered, "Not unless you want to." I am a hypnotherapist - not stage entertainment. This is a scientific method to truly help you overcome fears, phobias, smoking, weight issues, trauma or whatever is blocking your life.

Shamanic Practice
Shamanism is generally attributed in its origin to the ancient religion of the Turks and Mongols. The word "Shaman" comes from the Woman Shaman with Wolf - Susi WolfTungist tribe in Siberia and translates as "one who sees in the dark" or "healer". It is almost indefinable because its meaning changes from person to person, culture to culture. But the shaman is a healer, devoted to the ancient teachings. I am accustomed to traveling between the earthly world and the spirit world to tend to the needs of those with whom I work. With my drum…my rattle…my stories, I am led by Creator to the Path of the Unknown.

Left HandEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as "Tapping" is a combination of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern techniques.  It was modified from an earlier version and further developed by Gary Craig. Basically, it is the discovery that certain negative factors (stress, health problems, depression, trauma, etc.) create blockages within our energy system. Think of a huge freeway system internally and there are “accidents” or “bottlenecks” that stop the traffic flow. Using EFT, these blocks are released and the energy flow is reestablished within the body. Today practitioners worldwide are experiencing amazing success with clients using this simple method. First a client determines what issue(s) they want to address. Then I help them develop certain statements to make while we are doing EFT – I refer to it as “Story Tapping” because we are really tapping on their Story. Then following an approved pattern of meridian (or energy) points, together we verbalize the statements and tap on these energy areas. I have personally experienced phenomenal success with cravings and stress release using EFT on a regular basis.

EFT-Tapping workshops by Susi Wolf will also be listed at EFT & Energy Psychology's web site at:

EFT Training, Workshops, Seminars and Teleclasses


"It's the end of the world!" said the Caterpillar. 

"It's just the beginning!" said the Butterfly.
 - Richard Bach

M O D A L I T I E S !

Susi Wolf, Life Coach and Healer in Albuquerque, New MexicoSometimes I am asked what I do for a living. It may seem odd, but that's hard to explain. When you are on a healer's path, your way is diverse and non-traditional.

Then again I am asked how I conduct healing sessions to help my clients achieve the life they want. Same answer...diverse and non-traditional.

I realize my "elevator pitch"  won't fit neatly into a corporate brochure. Why? Once again - I am diverse and non-traditional.

I have no cookie-cutter approach to my healing work. I use life coaching techniques. I tell a pertinent story. I read ancient oracle cards. Sometimes the client and I tap (EFT) for energy blockage. I induce hypnosis. I listen to them and use healing touch skills.

Every client is unique so every session is unique. I have had incredible experiences while helping a variety of people; here are just some of the healing modalities that have become my mainstay:

  • Life Coaching
  • Storytelling
  • Intuitive Energy Medicine
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Shamanic Practice
  • EFT-Tapping
  • Cherokee/Celtic Heritage
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Oracle Cards 
  • Training Workshops
  • House Clearings and Blessings  
My only compass is that anything done with a client is with their approval. Not everyone wants to have a tarot reading or use EFT-Tapping. It is imperative to me that they be comfortable with all techniques we experience together.

And that is what makes each session so unique. It's YOUR healing - I am just the guide. 

Cherokee/Celtic Heritage 
Native American DrumAlthough I am of mixed blood - Eastern Band Cherokee and Celtic - my spirit's path is with Native American healing (sometimes I incorporate other sacred methods I have learned). I have been taught various forms of ancient wisdom which I use, always to your highest good. It may mean holding stones in our hands. Or drumming. Or rattling. Or chanting and singing. There is no one modality that is best. My heart seeks and walks the "red road" as I am honored to use my beloved Cherokee heritage; but I embrace other traditions for the betterment of others.

Intuitive Readings 
Lenormand Divination CardIntuitive readings are really just a method of interacting with a person on a psychic or spiritual level. It is reading energy on an intimate and accurate basis for the benefit of the client. As an intuitive, I am guided (always) for the highest good of the person and may bring surprising information forward. This is meant as a tool and not for something we should be dependent upon in order to conduct our daily lives. And since psychics read energy, it is possible that the energy can shift and predictions may change.

Oracle Card Readings 
Lenormand Divination CardThere are some misconceptions about oracle cards and it is not a modality that everyone wants to use. For me, it's a natural practice because it is so intuition-based.Mostly I focus on the person's energy in the present - I am not a fortune teller, nor will I make statements about the subjects of health, finances, death or divorce. The cards are a method of viewing current circumstances and possibilities - which may affect the future. As a storyteller, I have always seen the "Story" in the cards and often resort to telling a tale during a reading to better explain what I am intuitively sensing. I respect and trust the oracle energies within. It is ancient wisdom and an effective healing tool. 

Training Workshops
ClassroomI have a variety of classes offered that can be explored on the Training Workshops page. Classes can be conveniently held at your facility. Just click here to visit.
House Clearings/Blessings
Houses absorb energies—positive and negative.  Energetically, everythingCrystal Vial that happens stays in a home (all emotions, thoughts, intentions, and actions). It leaves a trace of these occurrences like dust that accumulates. It’s important to clear these away and bring in positive energies. A house clearing and blessing offers the home a refreshed state. I perform the necessary steps to release negative energies, spirits, entities, and unwanted feelings. I will bless and create sacred space so positive energy flows. There is normally a sense of “welcoming” and “lightness” within the house upon completion of my work. 

"You have the true passion and love

for your work. Storytelling is in your 

blood...it's a beautiful part of your

personal story. You have the magic

in your heart and soul! Thank you

for blessing my day, my life. I have

never been told stories with such

kindness and love before."

- Kay Wagner, Intuitive Counselor

Testimonial for
Lenormand Divination Cards

I recently had the gift of Susi Wolf doing a reading of Lenormand Divination cards for me. I was surprised at how accurate some of the things that she told me were. She shared information that shed immediate light on something that had been just below my radar for years!! I have found myself reviewing the “notes” she gave me after the reading and gaining insight each time.
B., Albuquerque, NM

"Since Susi performed a clearing in my house, there is such a great

sense of peace and serenity that had not been here before. I now have the

confidence in knowing that anyone who enters my house will be greeted

by this same feeling.  It is now welcoming and safe for all my guests. 

Thank you Susi."

- R, Albuquerque, NM

"Susi has been in my life for more than 10 years

and being a life coach is such a natural fit

for this sweet spirit. Praying for great peace and

success in your new path."

- Carmen Taylor


Contact: Susi Wolf, CMLC & CPC - Wolf Life Coaching & Healing
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tel: 505.881.1220

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